दो तृष्णा


दे पाओ गर तो दो तृष्णा

मत देना मादक हाला,

मनमोहक कब प्यास बिना है

फेनिल मदिरा का प्याला,

अविरत भटकेगा वो जिसका

मन खुद लालायित होगा,

पीनेवाला पा जायेगा

खुद ही अपनी मधुशाला I

-पीयूष यादव


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  1. gr8

    December 17th, 2009

  2. Sure. Desire is primary, satisfaction is secondary and probably the end. I remember an artist saying, “the dissatisfaction I have of my every painting forces me to another painting. Everything that you achieve in your life starts from urge.
    And Peeyush, I must appreciate your love to Madhushala. Many people have written Rubais on Bachchanji’s style (I myself have one!) but I wonder if someone has reached your level of both dedication and admiration. I will sure put the Orkut group on Madhushala on nearly the same level.
    Keep it up.

    December 21st, 2009

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